ATV trailer T1900ex

 T1900ex is a powerful ATV trailer with a strong drive. The trailer is V-shaped for maximum clearance under the crane. It is 40 cm clearance under the crane, and end of the trailer is 50 cm. The trailer is ALWAYS whole diffad in all gears. If you choose to double pump, you get 4 different speeds of the drive. The trailer has a Kranman 30-50 crane with a comfort joint as standard. It allows the small boom on the crane to have 180 degree movement. The cylinders fore the drive rollers are positioned lying on the bogie as it is possible to have tracks on the trailer. The trailer have deprotection the drive, As soon as you brake with the ATV the trailer will stop. Brake valve is standard on the tariler, you can adjust the braking action on the trailer so it not pushes the ATV in slopes. The brake valve is activated automatically when you brake with the ATV. Kranman has developed its own wheels that is adapted to the driving wheels. The wheel has extra strong patterns and a tread molded for maximum grip and minimal friction (Kranman-wheels are optional).


     30-50 crane with Comfort joint
     The low and high gear on the trailer
     Honda GX 390 engine
     Electric starter to the engine
     Free connection of the drive when braking with ATV
     Brake valve on the trailer
     Always 100% thrust on all wheels
     Boggiarmar For tracks.
     Mounting plate with all controls



    Information T1900EX


    331 kg
    Length: 3.850 mm
    Width: 1.360 mm
    Drive: Hydraulisk
    Wheel: 25x10.00-12” 6 PLY optional 26x12.00-12” 8 PLY
    Cargo Racks: Rotating
    Cargo area: 0,9 m2
    clearance: Under the bogie 28 cm
    Crane: Kranman 30-50
    Weight of crane: incl outriggers, Gate, grapple: 276 kg
    Maxload: 1 900 kg
    Height over boom  175 cm



  • KP1350ex
  • Yes