Tractor-trailerT3000 whit 30-50 cran

Smooth tractor trailer designed for tractors between 20-35 hp.

  • Inforamtion T3000 trailer whit 30-50 kran

    Width: 1500 mm
    Length: 4080mm
    Load area: 1,2 m²
    Weight: 355kg
    Wheel: 10.00-80x12"
    Maximum load: 3000kg
    Propulsion: No
    Traction: -
    Load Poles: 6st removable and rotatable
    Features: 50mm loop
    Frame steering: Accessories
    Center Beam: VKR 100x100x4
    Weight crane with outriggers, gate, rotator and grapple 276
    Lifting power 1.2 m 500 kg
    Lifting power 3 m 240 kg
  • T3000
  • Yes

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